Will Advertisers Pay to Have you Visit Their Site?

Advertisers will absolutely pay you to visit their site. There is a common misconception about PTC (Paid to Click) sites. This misconception is that PTC sites have found a way to scam the system. It makes the accusation that people are being hired to click on advertisements and provide false reports as to the number of people that have been driven to a site based on a particular ad. I was a part of this misconception at one point, and that is why I am writing to explain exactly what service is being provided by PTC sites. I never would have considered all the things that are accomplished with this work. It really is beneficial.

Misconception 1: Sponsors want people to click their ad so they can make more money
This is a partial misconception. Sponsors do want people to click their ad. They make money for hosting that advertisement after all. That is why they put it on their site. What many people don’t realize though is that going to that sponsors page, clicking the banner advertisement, then going to the main page actually helps to form a trail. This trail, just like a trail cut through the woods can become a thoroughfare for future customers. All trails began with a trail blazer. The best trails become routes, then roads, then highways. Why shouldn’t you become the next great trail blazer?

Misconception 2: PTC will never be able to sustain itself as viable marketing
PTC benefits all that are involved. The work you do for a PTC site benefits the online retailer, sponsors, the PTC Company, and most importantly you. PTC is marketing. Businesses have spent money marketing their products since the beginning of time. That’s why we have commercials, and billboards, and mailers. Companies now pay part of that budget to a PTC company to make sure that their sites remain as popular as they need to be.

Misconception 3: No one actually gets paid for this
Poppycock! PTC sites are highly regulated and monitored. They take in money from companies in the form of marketing dollars and they pay that money out to the people that are working for them. Read the terms and conditions. The work needs to be done timely and according to certain specifications. Just like all jobs, if you fail to do the work, or if you fail to do it correctly, don’t expect to get paid.

Advertisers will actually pay you to visit their sites. This is a service that makes their business grow. They need people to create the buzz around their product and someone is going to do that for them. If their handing out free money, don’t you think that person should be you?

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