Reviewing the Most Common Advice Given to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Luigi Wewege with the Honourable Peseta Sam Lotu-IigaAspiring entrepreneurs are often aggressive by their very nature when it comes to seeking advice, and there are countless stories in which a newly successful CEO reveals how he or she reached out to some highly respected entrepreneur for advice and insight regarding the transformation of a vision for a business into reality. Of course, these anecdotes always end in storybook fashion: the young entrepreneur receives essential advice and then adheres to that advice on the way to immeasurable success.

As Luigi Wewege has pointed out on numerous occasions, the common denominator in many of these stories is not necessarily the practice of soliciting advice from successful entrepreneurs. While Wewege notes that reaching out toexperts for startup advice is certainly a wise practice, how the aspiring entrepreneur utilizes and acts on the advice received is the most critical factor in ensuring the success of his or her startup.

Entrepreneurship is still very much about action and analysis, especially since it is the responsibility of the aspiring entrepreneur to analyze the state of the market and to act according to the variety of factors that will ultimately influence the success or failure of a particular startup strategy. Aspiring entrepreneurs would be wise to entrust themselves with the responsibility of putting together a plan that best positions the company for both short- and long-term success based on a specific vision of their own creation.

After all, some advice is merely aimed at inspiring a beginning entrepreneur to relentlessly pursue success, and it is a relatively infrequent occurrence that these success stories include the kind of detailed advice that can only be provided following a thorough review of every aspect of a business plan.

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