Nancy Behrman Reviews and Analyzes Continuing Shift in the Concept of a Brand

nancy behrman build a brand

As a longtime expert in the field of public relations and brand building, Nancy Behrman has developed a reputation as an innovator who is able to not just recognize a new trend within the marketplace, but who is also more than capable of creating and popularizing the trend in the first place. When it comes to branding, it is Behrman who has routinely been at the forefront regarding the manner in which we conceptualize and define the term. It is therefore worth noting that Behrman, along with several other industry observers, believes that there is a clear and logical next step in the conception of a brand.

Behrman, who was instrumental in shifting the idea of a brand away from something applied to a product or a service as a means of identification to something that is both managed and delivered, has been advocating for a new conceptual transition in which the focus shifts to collaborative, mutually beneficial brand relationships. The burgeoning sharing economy is already reflective of this concept, as companies like AirBnB, Uber, Lyft and others are based on encouraging an essentially equal relationship between the producer and the consumer in such a way that it ultimately becomes somewhat difficult to differentiate between the two.

In terms of creating a deeper sense of loyalty to and engagement with the brand, this approach appears to have already been quite effective. It is now up to public relations and brand-building professionals to assist clients in reviewing the potential methods available for establishing relational branding, but it is also critical that they begin looking forward in order to identify the next logical step in the future conception of a brand.

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