Daren Zenner’s Boxing 101


Have you ever wondered what it would take to be a great boxer? Well if you ask Daren Zenner, he might tell you it takes the heart of a Bear, or he might say you just gotta stick with it, but whatever he tells you it might serve you well to listen. The best thing a new up and coming boxer can do is take much mentoring and advice from pros like Daren Zenner. So, here it is, some quick pointers from the man himself.

First you dont want to ever get in the ring if you cannot run a few miles without collapsing or losing your breathe, because 60 percent of boxing is conditioning. Second you dont ever want to be too cocky. There is nothing more better than watching a cocky loud mouthed guy get floored. You want people to like you, if no one like you than you can expect to be fighting in and out of the ring. A great champion is humble. And third practice practice practice, because nothing can substitute dedication and hard-work. And fourthly and most important, you must listen to your trainer, because if he is a good one he will see your weaknesses and have you work on those, and he will see your strengths and encourage you to pursue those strong traits. If you dont have a good trainer then get another trainer. It is never fun to get beat up, so always do your best and you will always be a winner even if you lose.

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